Tech Talk 11/2

Favorite Wondering what has been happening in the digital world lately? Here is a quick update on the up-and-coming trends and innovations occurring in tech. New and Improved Facebook… Notifications? The social giant recently rolled out an update on the notifications tab, making it, and you,

Tech Talk 10/15

Favorite Introducing the Microsoft Surface Book Last week, Microsoft launched the Surface Book, its first-ever laptop. Five days after opening preorders, the laptop sold out. Clearly it was a crowd-pleaser. The Surface Book weighs a little over three pounds and is claimed to be twiceas fast as

Tech Talk 9/25

Favorite This week in tech has been bustling with innovations, international diplomacy, and scandals. Here is a quick update about the latest advancements in the digital world: Microsoft at it again Microsoft Office 2016 was released earlier this week, and it is clear that the techgiant is

Tech Talk 9/16

Favorite Summer might be coming to an end, but the world of tech never stops innovating. Here is a quick overview on the up-and-coming products and digital news this week. A high tech… pencil? Apple debuted their new stylus along with various other gadgets at their big press event on Wednesday.

Tech Talk 7/7

Favorite Tech, tech, and even more tech! A Greek Tragedy This week, Greece was cut off by its international parents, and since it couldn’t pay back its debts, it defaulted on a major loan. Confused? Solution? Set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise 1.6 billion dollars. Whose
Favorite Google to the rescue…as usual. This week, Gmail released a new feature: “Undo Send.” Exactly what it sounds like, this new button allows you to actually do what you usually yell at your screen after accidentally sending an email. Don’t get too excited, this feature doesn’t allow you to
Favorite Feeling techie? Read on to learn about new trends and innovations in the digital world this past week: The American Dream…for shopaholics Imagine scrolling through a quality Pinterest board and finding the absolute perfect dress for an occasion you just know will come up sometime in
Favorite Wondering what’s going on in the tech world recently? Here is a super quick overview. Ready? Go. When do we want HBO? Now. How do we want it? On every single Apple device we own. The HBO Now app has finally made its way to the Apple TV and iOS just in time for the premiere of Game of

Tech Talk 3/28

Favorite This week in tech has been bustling with hacks, innovations, and big announcements. Here is a quick update about the latest advancements in the digital world. Taylor Swift is no longer Spotify’s biggest battle Apple recently announced that they will be working with the headphone maker

Tech Talk 11/6

Favorite The International Tech Capital [of the week] Contributor: Ricky Rajani Since Tuesday, Web Summit 2014 has been the “international tech capital.” “Everywhere you go it is buzzing and electric,” claims Bloomberg. Bringing in over 20,000 people, including startups, entrepreneurs and