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Sarah Doherty

Getting Technical with the Co-Founder of TeleHealthRobotics

It’s an exciting time in the healthcare technology startup industry. Meet Sarah Doherty, the co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of TeleHealthRobotics, a 2010 alum of the University of Pennsylvania. What is your job title and what do you do day-to-day in your job? I am the co-founder/CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of TeleHealthRobotics. We have
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Sheera Goren

Dinating: Eat Well and Do Good with Sheera Goren

Sheera Goren is not your average foodie. She’s a lawyer passionate about social impact and is the founder and CEO of Dinating, a nonprofit that aims to give people the opportunity to eat well and do good at the same time. However, Sheera’s roots in community outreach and food began at a much earlier age. Born
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Kym Gold

Kym Gold

Kym Gold-Cofounder of True Religion Jeans 1) What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?                From an early age, I always wanted to be in control of my own destiny and starting your own business allows for that. 2) What skills helped you translate your passion for retail into
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Jenny Gottstein

Game Designer Jenny Gottstein Proves it Pays to Play

A lot of people want to have fun in their jobs, but many think that work and play are two things that should be divorced from one another. That’s not true according to Jenny Gottstein. In fact, she believes that play is actually underutilized not only in the workplace, but in everything. Jenny Gottstein is
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Rebecca Reich 3

4 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

This winter New York City student Rebecca Reich hosted the second annual “Empowerment Through Fashion” event. The event benefited the Greater Chinatown Community Association (GCCA) and allowed girls try on different looks and to participate in a fashion show with a panel of judges who provided career advice. As a young philanthropist, Reich offers some
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Erin Spencer

Under the Sea with Invasive Species Expert Erin Spencer

For Erin Spencer, her love for the ocean conservancy began at the age of fifteen with her first dive off the coast of the Florida Keys. It was at that time that she knew that this was a topic she wanted to learn more about. Growing up in a rural area in Maryland, Erin was an
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In the Kitchen with Natural Foods Chef Amy Ruth Finegold

At the age of fifteen, natural foods chef Amy Ruth Finegold started researching how the right combination of healthy foods could promote good digestion. She began watching the Food Network to learn how to cook and experimenting with new dishes on her own. The birth of her son Jake triggered her mission to make healthy
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Sydney and Toni

Sydney and Toni: Teenagers, Sisters, and Entrepreneurs

Meet Sydney and Toni Loew: teenagers, sisters, and entrepreneurs. Residents of the Bay Area, Sydney is a sophomore in high school and Toni is in eighth grade. The sisters enjoy drawing, ballet, and – naturally – engaging with entrepreneurship. These young CEOs created Poketti, pillow characters with a pocket to store items. We sat down with
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Susannah Wellford 2

Susannah Wellford is Giving Girls a Running Start in Politics

Seven women hold Cabinet and cabinet-level positions. Three women are on the U.S. Supreme Court. 104 women fill the 535 seats in Congress. 20 of 100 individuals are U.S. senators. While there is a statistically low number of female politicians, the political landscape is shifting thanks to Susannah Wellford of Running Start, who for the past
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Train Tracks

Food for Change: The Great American Cooking Story

Last summer, filmmaker Clara Ritger jumped on a train and took a food tour across the United States. For science. Actually, it was for a documentary, which is close enough. But Ritger wasn’t restaurant-hopping across the country for fun. Her mission was somewhat more sobering: to examine the impact of food and restaurants on impoverished
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