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Mckenzie Frankel

Mckenzie Frankel Has A Penny for Your Thoughts

The financial world is still a male-driven industry. Let’s meet Mckenzie Frankel, who is the co-owner of Entrust Financial, an advisory firm that engages in holistic wealth management. Keep reading to learn more about it! What does your day-to-day job entail? My title is principal, which means that I am part owner of the company.
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Jessica Straus

From Capitol Hill to Raising Capital with Jessica Straus

Jessica Straus, Vice President of Development for the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), talked with us about the path that led her to this position and her experience as a woman in the venture capital (VC) world. What led you to where you are now? What interests and previous jobs shaped your professional path to
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Zandra 1

Zandra Cunningham Designs Products with Purpose

At age 13, Zandra A. Cunningham began taking courses at University at Buffalo as part of the Allstate Minority and Women Emerging Entrepreneurs Program. She’s the youngest person the program has ever accepted, but Zandra fit right in: after all, she’d already been running her own business for over three years. Azariah’s Innocence, as Zandra’s
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Leura Fine Photo

The Art of Business with Laurel&Wolf CEO Leura Fine

What does your day-to-day job entail? As the CEO of Laurel & Wolf, my days are full of meetings with L&W teams to discuss strategy, growth and goals, hiring initiatives, and more. Tactically, I spend a lot of my time working with our marketing and product teams. It is also my job to be the
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Life in the Fast Lane with Automotive Journalist Jaclyn Trop

Mercedes, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche are everyday vocabulary words for award-winning journalist and automotive reporter Jaclyn Trop. Buckle up and learn how this car aficionado is inspiring girls around the world one drive at a time. Q: What is your typical day-to-day job look like? A: There is no typical day-to-day routine for me in
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Taxes and Tech and Toys! Oh My!

Meet Cassie Slane. Ricky: Tell us about yourself. Cassie: I started off in accounting and then moved into business journalism at Bloomberg News in New York covering the stock market. Afterwards, I relocated to Philadelphia where I covered the technology market at Fox and QVC. This immersed me in the tech world where the environment
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Vicki Saunders

SheEO Plans to Raise $1 Billion to Support Female Founders

SheEO is a Canadian-based organization that supports and celebrates women by financing female-led ventures. SheEO is led by Vicki Saunders, an entrepreneur who was recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Global Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide in 2015 by Empowering a Billion Women. Vicki has co-founded and run four businesses in Europe, Toronto, and Silicon
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Toy Story

Toy Story: How a Florida Attorney Became an Inventor

In today’s society,  the media has become a prevalent influence on young girls. To Karen Kilpatrick, it became important for her to accurately portray the diversity of the world through her children’s books. Initially, Karen started writing stories for her children that taught important lessons. However, Karen never planned for her stories to leave her household because “art
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Oh Snap! App Turns Photos into Custom Nail Art

Angel Anderson, the Los Angeles-based founder and CEO of NailSnaps, has created an app that can turn any photo into custom nail art. She left her job as vice president of a world class creative agency because she wanted to empower women creatively and has now turned her dream into a reality. NailSnaps is currently
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Lisa Tsou

Pitch Perfect: A Discussion with Startup Expert Lisa Tsou

Meet Lisa Tsou, the Founder of The Winning Pitch! The Winning Pitch is a company that counsels entrepreneurs with startup businesses and helps them take their companies to the next level. The Winning Pitch has been in the making since Ms. Tsou graduated from law school at Columbia University. After college, she worked as a
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