Taxes and Tech and Toys! Oh My!

Meet Cassie Slane.

Ricky: Tell us about yourself.

Cassie: I started off in accounting and then moved into business journalism at Bloomberg News in New YorkCassie Slane covering the stock market. Afterwards, I relocated to Philadelphia where I covered the technology market at Fox and QVC. This immersed me in the tech world where the environment is constantly changing, especially in Philadelphia where there are various startups with women doing some really creative things.

R: What is an interesting startup you have encountered in Philadelphia?

C: Cora is this interesting startup with a female co-founder. She traveled to several third world countries and noticed that girls lack access to adequate menstrual products. This causes girls to miss school days during their period, which often leads to them dropping out (sometimes, by the age of 14). Cora states that for every month’s supply of Cora a customer receives, it will give a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she can do anything during her period.

R: Where do you see tech headed in the future?

C: Virtual Reality seems to be the next computing platform. It can change the way we interact with people on a day-to-day basis. VR is permeating several different industries because it is turning into a more general consumer product instead of being used solely for gaming. It will be interesting to see if Virtual Reality will gain more traction from the general public, especially since Facebook’s Oculus Rift was just released.

R: What do you think is the biggest challenge women face in tech?

C: The biggest challenge seems to be the lack of women in leadership positions which tends to have a trickle-down effect in companies. It is generally more difficult for women to stay at a company without women leadership. Companies need to engage women and understand what they want from their jobs, such as more flexibility and a welcoming environment.

R: Do you have any advice for millennial girls?

C: I would say to find an area that you are really interested in, try to get a mentor who is working in that industry, join a group of women for a support system, and pursue what you really enjoy.

Curious to see what Cassie Slane is up to now? Check out her company Dreamland Fairy.

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

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  1. Helloitsnia     March 29, 2016 at 7:42am

    Very interesting position! I love how easily jobs can cross over from either other, I like how you were into accounting and you used that to do s job in s whole other field. Great article on Ms. Slane!

  2. d1234     April 2, 2016 at 8:57pm

    I agree with Helloitsnia!^ This article is very fascinating and provides me with reassurance that I don’t have to decide on what I want to do for the rest of my life when I choose a major in college! All of these articles inspire me to start my own business. These articles expose me to possible careers that I’m interested in and would not have encountered otherwise! Overall, great article on Ms. Slane! Best of luck to Cassie and her awesome company!!

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