What Works for You: How to Manage Your Time and Maximize Your Productivity from EY Americas and Financial Services Risk Technology Leader Amy Gennarini


By Ken Bouyer, EY Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting

EY is a global leader in assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax services with a purpose of building a better working world. While fulfilling their purpose and creating positive change through knowledge, skills, and experience, EY and GenHERation® have partnered for 10 years to close the gender leadership gap and create life-changing opportunities for high school and college women. Since its inception, EY has been a steadfast partner of GenHERation®, aligning with its mission to empower entrepreneurs. Witnessing their growth and accomplishments throughout our partnership has been deeply gratifying. EY acknowledges the urgency to address the gender gap, investing more than just financially by dedicating the time and effort of our team. This engagement with GenHERation® has proved to be both enriching and rewarding for our staff. I believe that we must actively confront the unique challenges faced by women through targeted support and awareness. This sense of urgency has been underscored by my daughter’s recent experiences in college. She has declared Biology as her major, and I have witnessed firsthand the ongoing need to raise awareness of opportunities for women in certain disciplines and how programs like this play a key role. To celebrate our partnership and further amplify our impact, we are interviewing 10 EY leaders, innovators, and changemakers to highlight their expertise and inspire the GenHERation® community to turn insight into action. 

Here is what EY Americas and Financial Services Risk Technology Leader, Amy Gennarini, had to say when asked about time management and productivity:

GenHERation®: What one word best describes EY?

Amy Gennarini: Competencies.

GenHERation®: In your current role, what are your primary responsibilities?

Gennarini: I am responsible for helping build a team with deep industry knowledge create innovative solutions, including technology, analytics, automated processes, and controls, and bringing those to our clients every day. Our primary mission is helping our clients protect and accelerate value in the domain of risk. This includes regulatory compliance, internal audit, cyber, risk management, anti-money laundering, and fraud.

GenHERation®: What are three time management strategies you can use to be more productive?

Gennarini: One, blocking time on your calendar to get work done is helpful. No one knows better than you how you manage and use your time. Two, know what you have on your plate that’s due in a day, a week, or a month. Always be prepared for what you have coming due next so you can meet those deadlines. Three, make sure to prioritize what is most important for yourself to get done, and reach out to others for support because teammates can often help you complete tasks. 

GenHERation®: How do you make an impact in your role?

Gennarini: I set goals that can be measured and I always look at these goals to keep myself accountable and to be aware when those goals need to change. Remember to continue developing your skills and be aware when a major reinvention is needed. Regularly collaborate and remember that knowing who to collaborate with is different depending on the situation. Communication is key. Written and verbal communications are important based on the different audiences. Make sure you know the difference between specificity vs. detail, and your timing of the messaging is key too.

GenHERation®: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Gennarini: Be curious—never stop learning and set aside time for learning. Prioritize my well-being because when I show up, it’s important to be strong enough to lead. Be resilient. It’s OK for others to help you through the most complicated problems.

As EY Americas and Financial Services Risk Technology Leader, Amy Gennarini oversees more than 500 technology consulting professionals and the technology, analytics, and cyber solutions supporting the risk business across the US, Canada, Israel, and Latin America. Together, with risk consulting, Amy’s teams share the ambition of becoming the leading transformation consultancy, trusted to help the largest and most complex clients generate value. 

She works closely with account teams, aligning client needs with technology-led EY solutions, including the design and implementation of transformation initiatives in integrated risk management; regulatory compliance; internal audit; control modernization; governance, risk and compliance and risk architecture; third-party risk management; financial crime and fraud; resilience; and environmental, social, and governance. 

Amy’s EY career began with her internship, and she enjoys mentoring team members growing their own careers. 

Amy and her husband have two daughters. The family resides on Long Island and enjoys boating and spending time on the beach.

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