We’ve Got You Covered: NFP Managing Director Beth Robertson on Navigating Your Early Career

Beth Robertson is Managing Director for the Corporate Benefits Division at NFP, Mid-Atlantic region. Since 2005, Beth has held various positions at NFP, inclusive of client facing and operational responsibilities.

Here is what Beth had to say when we asked her about navigating your early career: 

GenHERation®: What is a good way to take inventory of what is most important to you, whether in your personal or professional life?

Beth Robertson: For me, I always ask three questions. Number one, am I happy? You have to be happy and have fun! I am not going to spend my time doing things that make me unhappy. Number two, do I feel valued? Is what I’m doing providing value to someone else? Number three, do I feel respected? I want to make sure that I am being respected for what I am doing. If one of those things is off, then you have to figure out what you need to do to get centered.

GenHERation®: When first starting out in your career, how do you set boundaries for yourself? 

Robertson: I was bad at this when I was first starting out in my career. You will never be good to anyone else if you are burned out. You have to recharge your batteries in the evening or on the weekend. Find out what recharges you—movies, friends, working out. That is just as important as the spreadsheets. 

GenHERation®: How should you navigate picking your battles in the workplace?

Robertson: The reality is you’re not going to win every battle. Why pick battles for the sake of picking battles? Ask yourself: What is most important to me? What are my values? What battle is worth dying for? You have to live in a world of understanding and collaboration. You don’t want to be the person that is always unreasonable. 

GenHERation®: What steps can you take to get to know your coworkers?

Robertson: You first have to realize that not everyone wants to go to happy hour after work. For our company, culture is important, so we play cornhole and go to lunch. On Zoom, we start meetings by asking how people are doing. You can’t be business all the time. Understand where people are in life. Everyone is not always good, so stop and take the time to do a little check in. This will help you succeed in business. 

GenHERation®: How do you extend grace to your colleagues or teammates?

Robertson: Just because someone reacts in a certain way, don’t take it personally. People live a life beyond you. Someone could have just gotten off a bad call before talking to you. You have to remind yourself that it’s not about you—things are beyond you. Keep reminding yourself of this, and make it a habit to extend grace. Check in on others, ask how they are doing, and be there for them. The greatest gift you can give is grace. 

GenHERation®: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Robertson: I think it is important to listen first. Speak to understand. Ultimately, you will have better relationships in your professional and personal life.

Beth Robertson is Managing Director for the Corporate Benefits Division, NFP Mid-Atlantic region. Since 2005, Beth has held various positions at NFP in the region, inclusive of client facing and operational responsibilities. She also spent two years at Mercer as a Principal Consultant in the DC Office before returning to NFP in 2017. In 2018, Beth was recognized by BenefitsPro Magazine as one of the top 5 Brokers in the US. Overall, Beth has 20+ years of experience in the areas of health and welfare benefits strategy, human resources, financial management, and HR technology. Beth’s career in employee benefits has spanned multiple market segments and industries, with a heavy focus on government contractors, not for profits, and mergers/acquisitions. Prior to entering the broker/consultant world, Beth’s career was in human resources. Beth is Vice Chair for the March of Dimes, DC Metro Chapter, and sits on multiple advisory councils for multiple health and welfare insurance companies. She is also actively involved in community service in Loudoun County, Virginia. A native of Pennsylvania, Beth is a graduate of Penn State University. Beth has a passion for adventure, is a foodie, and loves to travel and spend time with friends and family.

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