Wellness 101: 5 Ways to Invest in Yourself According to NFP Experts

Several experts from GenHERation partner company NFP took the time to share their best wellness practices. According to NFP experts, you should invest in yourself in these five ways: 

1) Make friends at work! You spend a lot of time at work, so it is important to enjoy the people you work with. You can get to know your colleagues better by inviting them to coffee, lunch or an exercise class. When you get to know your colleagues, you not only make friends, you also build a support system and create a sense of belonging. Additionally, people who have friends at work are more than twice as likely to feel engaged. 

2) Keep your body and mind active. Sitting for eight hours a day is bad for your health. Take short breaks during your day to meditate, do some desk exercises, or get some fresh air. Five to ten minutes a few times a day away from your desk helps you refocus when you find yourself multitasking too much and not producing your best work. Don’t be afraid to take a walk outside. Connection with nature and exercise benefits the mind and body in so many ways. 

3) Find a passion outside of work. It is good to have other things in your life that you get excited about outside of work. Whatever your hobbies are – fitness, art, cooking, music – make sure to have balance between these passions and your job. Take it one step further and schedule time on your calendar to make sure you fit everything in!

4) Sleep! Make sure you are well-rested each day. Sleep is important for your overall well-being. Getting a good night’s sleep leads to a better mood and better concentration and productivity. A lack of sleep can lead to anxiety, depression and weight gain. To get a good night’s sleep, scientists recommend getting seven to nine hours, avoiding caffeine late in the day, setting a consistent schedule and staying away from your screens an hour before bedtime.  

5) Try something new! Overcome fear and step outside of your comfort zone. Learn new tools, meet with people you have not connected with before or pick up a new hobby. When you push yourself out of normal routines, you learn more about yourself — you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant that cares deeply about its employees’ and clients’ well-being, and takes pride in its culture of authenticity. NFP’s expertise and scale are only matched by its passion for building lifelong personal relationships. To learn more about opportunities at NFP, visit https://careers.nfp.com/.

Contributors: April McTindal, Ann DellaValle, Kristi Evans, & Nicole McFarland

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