Game Designer Jenny Gottstein Proves it Pays to Play

A lot of people want to have fun in their jobs, but many think that work and play are two things that should be Jenny Gottstein 2divorced from one another. That’s not true according to Jenny Gottstein. In fact, she believes that play is actually underutilized not only in the workplace, but in everything.

Jenny Gottstein is the Director of Games at The Go Game, a business that designs and directs games that primarily focus on team building. People such as Jenny generate games like neighborhood puzzle missions, zombie-themed disaster preparedness games, and even charity-centered roadtrips. These games are designed to help a group learn about each other and work together while having fun. Jenny, as Director of Games, designs about 50 games per year while also managing a domestic team and developing international teams and online resources for The Go Game.

When asked how Ms. Gottstein got into her job with The Go Game, she replied that it was a “total accident.” Ms. Gottstein was previously an event coordinator in New York City where she produced music and art events. When Jenny heard about an opening at The Go Game, she applied for and got the job and moved back to California where she currently lives in order to work for the San Francisco branch of the company.

Ms. Gottstein is listed on The Go Game website as being the long-time holder of the title of most enthusiastic Game Producer. When asked how she maintained this enthusiasm in her job, Ms. Gottstein responded that if you truly like your job, you will be able to maintain your enthusiasm. “Find something that you can get excited about every day,” she said as a piece of advice to anyone who wants to find passion in their careers, a piece of advice that Ms. Gottstein has certainly seemed to apply to her own career choice.

Jenny Gottstein 3Ms. Gottstein did mention that not everything is easy as you move through life and move into your career. Though Ms. Gottstein says she did not face any adversity getting into her job, she caught herself saying “should you really do this?” She said, however, that you just have to push those thoughts aside and keep doing what you want to do in order to succeed.

Many of us hold leadership positions at one point or another, be that as the captain of the soccer team, lead in the spring musical, or even as the designated leader for a group presentation, and even if you have never held a leadership role, you have most likely been part of a group or team before. Ms. Gottstein provided some tips on how to help your team connect and work together no matter what the circumstances. Ms. Gottstein spoke of having to build a healthy learning environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted. She said you have to keep in mind who is participating and be mindful of what you say so that nothing you say can be taken as discouragement for communication among the team.

Finally, Ms. Gottstein provided some advice for girls who might want to get into a similar job. Start by attending events, she said, and researching where the money comes from and how those events were planned. She also said that, especially when you are just starting out, reach out and volunteer to help plan events. This will help you gain experience as well as network, something which can help in whatever field you want to get into.

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Contributor: Katie Campbell

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