CEO Tamara McCleary Shares 5 Tips To Build Your Social Media Brand

How can you build a social media brand that is memorable? Tamara McCleary is an expert on social media, branding, and social business as well as the CEO of Thulium, a brand amplification company. According to Tamara, “how you stand out and be memorable is proportional to the amount of time and energy you spend helping to solve problems and pain points of your target audience.”  

Originally, Tamara was drawn to the field of marketing because of her keen curiosity about people, but technical skills are also now an integral part of her job. By harnessing the power of technological tools, she is able to predict, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns, which is crucial to marketing. It’s no longer guess work. Yet, to Tamara the most important rule to marketing is to serve others, explaining that “marketing is about a deep understanding of the issues your target audience faces and being willing to help alleviate their suffering and offer solutions to problems.”

Here are Tamara’s 5 tips to build your social media brand:

1) Be authentic, genuine, and show who you really are.

2) Understand your audience and what matters to them.

3) Be approachable, available, and responsive. Engagement is key to social media success.

4) Be an active part of the conversations going on that matter to your target audience.

5) Always ask yourself how you can deliver value to your audience. What can you share that helps them with their biggest problems?

Tamara stresses: ENGAGE. “Effective marketing means being unattached to what I think and instead thinking about the ‘other’ and what matters most to them.” The most influential people are those who are committed to serving the needs of others and providing actionable solutions.

Contributor: Rebecca Zuo

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