Tech: An Apple a Day Brings the Music Your Way

For those of you who have downloaded the new iOS update on your Apple products, you may have seen the new Apple Music. On June 30th, Apple released its new music streaming application. This new application is like Pandora and Spotify, established giants in the field, in many ways.

Apple Music is available in over 100 countries at $10 per month for its service. Anyone, though, can try the new application for free for three months. After the trial period, certain elements of Apple Music will remain free. For example, you will be able to play radio stations with advertisements incorporated and with limited song skips, much how the free Pandora application works.

For anyone who pays the subscription fee, Apple Music will provide commercial-free access to millions of songs on demand. Apple Music will also provide personalized suggestions for music based on your iTunes history. Apple Music also offers a live radio option called Beats 1. Additionally, Apple Music incorporates Siri and cloud storage into the mix by allowing customers to ask Siri to play certain stations or albums and by offering enough cloud storage for 100,000 songs.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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