Combating Imposter Syndrome with Capital One Leader Mikela Wright


Join us for an inspiring session led by motivational speaker, Imposter Syndrome conqueror, and Software Engineering manager at Capital One, Mikela Wright. During this session, Mikela Wright will share how you can combat Imposter Syndrome to become your most confident self in your professional and personal pursuits. Participants will receive a link via email the morning of the scheduled event to join the discussion. Registration is open until 6 PM EST/3 PM PST the day of the session.

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Time: 7-7:30 PM EST/4-4:30 PM PST

About Mikela Wright

Mikela Wright is a motivational speaker, imposter syndrome conqueror, and Software Engineering manager at Capital One. She leads software engineering teams in Enterprise Data and Machine Learning, and works closely with Customers to build innovative FinTech and Accounting solutions. Mikela has expertise in executing enterprise cloud transformation strategies, architecting data security and engineering pipelines, and leading software development.

As a technology leader with a non-computer science background, Mikela’s unique career journey inspired her to create the ASPIRE method to navigate the imposter syndrome. She is a speaker and advocate in empowering others to overcome self-doubt while pursuing their passions. She’s spoken at various conferences including Grace Hopper, Black is Tech, Women Who Code, America on Tech, and more.

Recognized as a Blacks in Technology Emerging Leader award recipient, Mikela is actively involved in initiatives that expose STEM to underrepresented communities, technology recruiting efforts to increase representation, and launched an enterprise mentoring program that serves nearly 200 Black technology professionals and allies.