Fireside Chat with Admissions Expert Dr. Aviva Legatt


Learn how you can best navigate the college admissions process and begin to forge your own path to success. During this session, college admissions expert Dr. Aviva Legatt will share how you can identify and harness your unique passions, stand out from the crowd, and achieve your goals. We will also raffle away a copy of Dr. Legatt’s new book, Get Real and Get In, at the end of the fireside chat via lottery, so tune in for a chance to win! Participants will receive a link via email the morning of the scheduled event to join the discussion. Registration is open until 6 PM EST/3 PM PST the day of the session.

Date: Monday, September 27, 2021

Time: 7-7:30 PM EST/4-4:30 PM PST

About Dr. Aviva Legatt

Dr. Aviva Legatt is the author of Get Real and Get In (St. Martin’s Press, 2021), which was written to transform the way that students and families view their college admissions journey; from a series of box-checking and hoop-jumping exercises to the belief that this journey can be both empowering and inspiring.

At her company, Ivy Insight, their consulting and coaching philosophy is grounded in this belief, which is based on her Ivy League admissions experience, higher education expertise, and extensive interviews with thought leaders. What Dr. Legatt found in this research is that the best way for students to gain results and success in the college application process (and in life) is by bettering themselves and their surrounding communities. At Ivy Insight, they call this process developing the “College Admissions X-Factor,” which helps students to develop expertise and to make an exponential impact in 1-2 specific areas, while targeting the best-fit colleges and majors.

Hailed by the New York Times as a trustworthy expert on college admissions, and recognized as an expert in corporate culture and diversity as a faculty member for Coursera and at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Legatt has appeared in numerous news interviews and print articles. A faculty member in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania and at The Wharton School, teaching in-person and online through Coursera, her courses on diversity and teamwork have reached thousands of learners and have been recognized by Poets & Quants as a “Best Business Course.”

Dr. Legatt has a column in Forbes in which she writes about issues affecting higher education today. She has interviewed notables like Olympian Simone Biles, New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant, and Pitch Perfect producer Deke Sharon.