5 Questions With Dylan Lauren

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Dylan Lauren is the Founder & CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you graduated from college? 

I wish I knew graphic design. A lot of what Dylan’s Candy Bar is about is the visual aesthetic–whether it’s the signing, packaging, or product, and I would love to be able to tweak the details when we are designing.

Which college class best prepared you for your professional career? 

Art history and social psychology. I saw all different types of art from Asian to pop and Western culture and I really appreciated the evolution of color and design. It really inspired me to appreciate design in packaging candy and the aesthetics of retail environments. Social psychology is also important in retail stores to understand the consumer and why they shop and why they are attracted to certain things.

What is the go-to question you ask interview candidates? 

Definitely what is your favorite candy. While that sounds like an obvious question, what I’m looking for is their reaction. If their eyes open, and they smile and get very excited like a child again, then they have the spirit of Dylan’s Candy Bar. And that is more important than what their favorite candy is.

What is the biggest risk you have taken? 

The biggest risk I have taken is putting my name on the door of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Mentally, physically, emotionally you have to be the face of the company and the person behind the scenes through all the successes and setbacks.

What is your genius?

I think I have a lot of energy and I am very much in touch with my inner child, which is the mission of Dylan’s Candy Bar. I try to see things in a positive, happy and colorful way like a child does and I understand the customer wants that too.

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