World: Voters Support Independence in Catalonia

According to polling done on voters coming out from casting their ballots in Catalonia, a north-eastern region in Spain, pro-independence parties may have won in the nation’s elections.

The majority of people in Catalonia seem to support obtaining independence, but they are evenly divided on whether or not they want to secede from Spain. Spain has made it very clear that they are going to attempt to block all attempts from Catalonia at independence.

The main group interested in Catalonian separation from Spain “Junts per Si” (Together for Yes) is expected to win approximately 65 seats of 135 seats in the Spanish government. Another group supporting Catalonian independence, CUP, is expected to win another approximate 12 seats in the Spanish government.

The government in Madrid, Spain’s capitol, have described the plans of the Catalonian people to break away from Spain as “a nonsense.”

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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