World: U.S. Warships in Yemeni Waters

Yemen is still on the brink of a civil war since a rebel group called the Houthis forced the president of Yemen to flee the country. Iran and Saudi Arabia stepped in to offer aid, but this has become a proxy war between some of the most powerful nations in the Mideast, with Yemen stuck in the middle. Saudi Arabia recently began airstrikes on the Tehran-backed Houthi militant group. Iran sent warships for security reasons, which alarmed the U.S. because Iran’s support for Houthi rebels could cause a confrontation with Saudi Arabia and plunge the region into war. Iran sent an armada of seven to nine ships, and it is suspected that these ships are holding weapons to help the Houthis. The U.S., who supports Saudi Arabia, sent a warship in order to include its presence in these waters. If a war were to break out, the timing would be unfortunate since US and Iran are trying to work towards reaching a final nuclear deal and Al-Qaeda is using this chaos in the Yemeni waters to gain more ground in the area.

Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuriya


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