World: The Extinction of Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh police have shot dead six suspected tiger poachers at a hideout in the world’s largest mangrove forest. According to a local police officer, Harendra Nath Sarkar, the alleged poachers began shooting at the police during the raid on the hideout and police began firing back. “The gunfight went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. We recovered three tiger skins, and five guns and ammunition. From the look and smell of the skins, it seemed that the tigers were killed not more than a week ago,” he stated.

Some are questioning the police’s actions stating that the alleged poachers should have been arrested before being killed, but the killings come with an increase in efforts to eradicate the poaching due to recent news concerning the population of the Bengal tigers.

According to a recent survey, there are just over 100 Bengal tigers left living in the south-eastern portion of Bangladesh, a sharp decline from having over 440 tigers in 2005. Experts have accredited the decline in the population of the rare tiger partially to more accurate surveying techniques, but also to rampant poaching, thus leading to the increased measures taken in order to stop poachers.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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