World: Russian Missile Parts Found at MH17 Crash Site

Just after debris from Flight MH370 was located in France, experts are now suspecting that fragments of a missile system found in Ukraine – where MH17, another Malaysian Airlines plane, crashed last July – is of Russian make. Unlike MH370, the reasons behind the crash of MH17 have always raised more hostile suspicions because it was found on land owned by Russian-backed rebels. In light of the recent discovery, many continue to point the finger of blame at Russia, although Russia claims that the Ukrainian military – and not its rebels – was responsible for shooting down the plane. As of now, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has stated that the results are not yet conclusive, and that they “are going to need more investigation to really find out what exactly this is and if it is part of a possible system that took down MH17.” Regardless of the source of the missile, which brought down 298 victims, further news of the incident is bound to spur international tensions.

Contributor: May Huang


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