World: Russia Sends Nuclear Message to Denmark

With Denmark’s impending decision whether or not to join the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) missile shield, Russia has threatened the Nordic country with a nuclear strike. In a newspaper opinion piece, Mikhail Vanin, Russian ambassador to Denmark, wrote, “If it happens, then Danish warships will be targets for Russia’s nuclear weapons. Denmark will be part of the threat to Russia.” According to Vanin, Denmark does not fully understand the consequences of joining the missile shield.

In response to Russia’s words of aggression, Denmark’s foreign minister Martin Lidegaard comments, “Russia knows full well that NATO’s missile defense is not aimed at them. We are in disagreement with Russia on a number of important things but it is important that the tone between us does not escalate” and labels the threats as “unacceptable.” This threat adds to the recent tension that Russia has had with the Baltic states, as it has violated the airspace of Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Contributor: Elaine Chen


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