World: Officials Investigate Bangkok Attack

A bomb blast that went off in Bangkok on Monday night has killed at least 22 people and injured over 120 near the Erawan Shrine, a tourist hotspot. “The perpetrators intended to destroy the economy and tourism [of Thailand],” commented Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan about the attackers, who have yet to be identified. This is not the first time Thailand has had to deal with bomb attacks—two went off outside a shopping mall in February and a car bomb exploded in Koh Samui in April. Political protests have also been causing trouble for Thailand’s unpopular military government since it seized power last year, although officials doubt that Monday’s attackers are the ethnic separatists or expatriate Uighurs who harbor long-term resentment towards Thailand. At the moment, officials are searching for a man spotted leaving the crime scene on CCTV footage—and Thailand’s previously-booming tourist business is plunging rapidly.

Contributor: May Huang


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