World News: World Cup

Since June 12, 2014, the entire world has been tuning in to watch the 20th annual FIFA World Cup, which is a football (or “soccer” as it’s known to Americans) tournament. The World Cup starts out with teams representing 31 different nations from around the world. The tournament consists of 64 matches that are played throughout the host country, which, for this year, is Brazil. The World Cup takes place every four years, just like the Olympic games. It is clear to see how excited people all around the world get when it is finally time for the tournament to begin. Fans from all around the world fill the stadiums to watch their favorite teams compete in hope of making it to the final match and winning the entire tournament. Even fans watching from home support their favorite teams by sporting players’ jerseys and decorating themselves with face paint. Although nations are competing against each other, the World Cup and other major sporting events do a great job of bringing the world together. The entire world is excited to see the outcome of this thrilling tournament.

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