World News: Wearable Tech in China

Google Glass won’t be the only popular smart glass available for long; Lenovo, China’s PC powerhouse, recently revealed its competing prototype. The glasses include necklace-style battery pack that connects to the back of the glasses via a blue wire, but the battery pack could be a hit or a miss. Some may see it as an opportunity to accessorize; eventually, the color and design on your battery pack could be a form of self-expression. Others may see it as a nuisance, but it all depends on if the technology catches on. Lenovo is teaming up with Vuzix, a U.S. smart glass hardware producer, to bring a smart glass product to China. Features will include the Chinese language pre-programmed, voice recognition, mapping, and other services.

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  1. awroblewski19     August 3, 2014 at 6:39pm

    I hope that this “smart glass” thing doesn’t catch on. Leaders in this nation already say we have issues with texting and driving. Now imagine that we have glasses that can talk and text and do everything imaginable under the sun. This technology is dangerous, not only for driving, but for health. We know cell phones can be bad when they are too close to us: they can cause cancer. But why not take it a step further and have cell phone technology right next to your eyeball?
    Overall, this is a bad idea. I hope some people will realize this and boycott the technology. If nobody buys it, it doesn’t get successful and multiply.

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