World News: Taiwan Plane Recovery

More devastating news involving a fallen airplane has come from Taiwan this week. The twin-engine plane crashed into a residential building in the Penghu Islands area of the Taiwan. Although no casualties have been reported on the ground yet, citizens and officials are in fear that several people onboard are no longer alive. Injured passengers were rushed to Penghu Hospital. There were 54 passengers and four crew members onboard, according to the director-general of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Jean Shen. Before taking off from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, flight GE222 was actually delayed due to weather-related conditions from a typhoon. As you probably know, this is now the second airplane crash in the past few weeks. The first happened in eastern Ukraine after a Malaysia Airlines flight was hit by a missile, killing all passengers and crew members who were onboard. Investigations are still being conducted for both of these tragic airplane crashes. The world has watched as devastating news and new developments have been made surrounding these incidents. Hopefully, the bodies from the Taiwanese plane crash will be discovered alive.

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