World News: Malaysian Airlines Flight

Last week, devastating news came from eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines flight 17, traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was shot down and landed in pieces in eastern Ukraine. After extensive research done by United States officials, it has been concluded that the missile that hit the plane was Russian-made. Unfortunately, no one was found alive out of all 298 people on board. The territory in which the plane crashed is said to be controlled by “Pro-Russian rebels.” Officials from various countries around the world are now urging Russian officials to look more closely into the missile and how this tragedy occurred. There are also several unanswered questions regarding this event, such as: Why was the plane flying over a “war zone?” Have all the victims’ bodies been recovered? And the biggest one: who exactly shot down the plane? The entire world is anxiously awaiting answers to these questions and many more. The families and friends of the victims are especially anxious to receive answers to these questions, since their loved ones were so unexpectedly taken away from them.

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