World News: Climate Change March

Sunday, hundreds of people marched around the world in order to advocate policies that would aim to curb climate change. These marches occurred two days before the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. The marches included 150 countries and 2000 demonstrations. According to Bill McKibben, the founder of the group that organized the rallies (, the We think that the world’s leaders have done a bad job of dealing with climate change, so we figured we ought to come too.” With the UN Summit on Climate Change, a new strategy to curb climate change will follow. The many countries that negotiate the strategy all have different interests in mind. For Europe, Africa, and small island nations, creating mandatory cuts to greenhouse gases serves their interests. However, the US, the second largest greenhouse gas contributor, this seems like a hassle not willing to be taken upon. The aim of the marches is to show politicians that the public cares about the climate enough to take action to protect it.

Contributor: Ashni Nadgauda


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