World News: Chinese Fire Drill

Hong Kong leaders dashed hopes of peace by cancelling talks with protesting students on Thursday.  “Students’ call for an expansion of an uncooperative movement has shaken the trust of the basis of our talks and it will be impossible to have a constructive dialog,” Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said on the eve of the planned discussions.  The so called “uncooperative movement” has lasted for more than 11 days and is the cause for major unrest in Hong Kong.  Masses of students have been blocking traffic and causing violent clashes all in the name of democracy: they are calling for open elections and for their leader, Leung Chun-ying, to step down.  The cancelled negotiations come as students are calling for more bodies to join them, protester numbers shrunk significantly after a clash with police this week that saw police forces firing tear gas into crowds.  Alex Chow, leader of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, said, “when university students are willing to sacrifice their lives for democracy and fight against the ruling powers, you must realize how sick and oppressive the government must be to force students to make this decision.”

 Contributor: Phoebe Roe

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