World News: Cease-Fire

Recently, the conflict in Gaza has gotten so intense that other nations have attempted to have both Israel and Hamas consent to a cease-fire. The first cease-fire was proposed and enacted a couple weeks ago, but failed to be upheld. Egypt proposed a second cease-fire that would last three days. The cease-fire was agreed upon by both parties, giving Egyptian mediators time to go between Israeli and Palestinian delegations, in an effort to find a solution. The conflict, which has lasted for approximately the last four weeks, has been one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. Many officials of nations around the world are urging both Israel and Hamas to take advantage of the truce and find a way to move toward larger negotiations. The cease-fire officially kicked in on Tuesday morning, and since then, no rockets or missiles have been fired. There have been no acts of violence from either side, which is something the entire world is pleased to hear. The only question is what will happen after the 72-hour period is over? Will the violence continue, or will both Israel and Hamas decide that it is time to put an end to this war?


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