World: New Security Measures in East Jerusalem

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have been rising this week as a result of the recent rash of violence on both sides. Earlier this week, two Palestinians stormed a bus, started to shoot, and stabbed the driver. This was one of four seemingly coordinated attacks on Tuesday, October 12. In response to this violence, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, has decided to deploy soldiers to East Jerusalem. Israel has also given police authority to seal off Palestinian neighborhoods in the region. Many Palestinians living in East Jerusalem see this as an encroachment on their freedom, while the Israelis say it is a necessary security measure. There is no clear explanation for this outbreak of violence, but some say it is due to continuing Israeli settlement in Palestinian neighborhoods. United States Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that he will be traveling to the region to try and negotiate peace.
Contributor: Laissa Alexis


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