World: International Leaders Pay Tribute to King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia is mourning the death of King Abdullah on Friday. World leaders, including Prime Minister David Cameron and French Resident Francois Hollande, gave gathered in Saudi Arabia to pay their respects, and President Obama, along with a U.S. delegation plan to arrive on Tuesday. The new King, King Salman, has pledged to be continuous regarding the countries policies, and has already appointed heirs and ministers. The former king passed away on Friday after being admitted to the hospital with a lung infection. Obama described Abdullah as a leader who “was always candid and had the courage of his convictions” in a public statement following the leader’s death. Conversely, human rights organizations believe that Saudi Arabia’s human rights record had been less than satisfactory under Abdullah’s rule, and they are hoping that Salman will do more to promote and protect women’s rights and freedom of speech. The King began his rule in 2005, following the death of his predecessor, King Fahd.

Contributor: Johanna Hartman


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