World: Eurozone Leaders Debate Greek Bailout

A few weeks ago, Greek voters voted to turn down bailout offers that might keep Greece involved with the euro. However, an emergency summit of Eurozone leaders has been called in Brussels to attempt to find a compromise that will stop Greece from running out of money and to keep the country in the euro. A series of measures that would need to be followed by the Grecian government were submitted by the Eurozone finance ministers several days ago. Upon review of the measures, one Greek government official called the proposals “very bad.” Another unnamed official stated that some of the proposals appeared to “humiliate” the Greek Prime Minister and the left-wing Syriza government. Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister, said “I’m here ready for an honest compromise…we can reach an agreement tonight if all parties want it.”  However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that “the most important currency has been lost…trust and reliability.”

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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