World: EU Leaders Reach Deal to Support Refugees

11 leaders of EU states and three leaders of non-EU states recently met at an emergency summit in Brussels to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis and how to handle the influx of migrants into Europe, specifically Greece. More than 9,000 refugees arrived in Greece everyday within the last week, a huge influx of migrants for the country. Under the deal made at the summit in Brussels, Greece will open reception centers capable of holding 30,000 refugees, the UN’s refugee body or the UNHCR will provide 20,000 spaces for refugees, and reception centers capable of holding 50,000 refugees will be added in Balkan countries.

Other sections of the deal made at the Brussels summit include sending 400 police officers to Slovania to deal with the difficult influx of migrants, “discouraging” the refugees from moving from one country into a neighboring country without the neighboring country’s consent, and appointing officers to submit migrant numbers to other countries and authorities.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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