World: Eiffel Tour Unexpectedly Closed on Saturday

Paris’ Eiffel Tower was unexpectedly closed for several hours in the morning of Sunday, September 20th after reports came in of a man scaling the tower with a rucksack. After the alarm was raised, the area was evacuated and anti-terror police carried out a search. Police were unable to find the man or any other suspicious materials, and the landmark was reopened in the afternoon.

Police have explored several possible explanations as to the security breech. One possible explanation, besides a terrorist attack, is that the man was a parachutist hoping to perform a jump.

France has been on a high alert since the occurrence of several terrorist attacks earlier in the year. The Eiffel Tower, which receives as many as 30,000 visitors per day, has been a target point for several previous Islamic extremist terrorism plots.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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