World: Authorities Investigate Explosion in India

After an explosion in a shop in Petlawad, India killed 90 people and injured dozens more, investigators searched for the cause of the explosion, not satisfied with the initial explanation of a faulty gas cylinder in a neighboring restaurant. Police have discovered that the owner of the shop from which the blast initiated was illegally storing mining explosives. After the discovery of the illegally stored materials, police began a search for the shop’s owner, Rajendra Kasawa. Kasawa is said to of had a license for explosives for digging wells, construction, and mining, but that he had stored them “in an unauthorized way in a residential area.” Many of those killed in the explosion were in the neighboring restaurant. The restaurant was packed at the time with workers and schoolchildren eating breakfast. The restaurant was also near a busy bus stop. The blast knocked down one neighboring building and damaged several other buildings in the vicinity.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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