Technology: Virgin Galactic Spaceship

The Virgin Galactic spaceship that exploded on October 31 cost around $500 million to develop, according to Virgin’s billionaire founder, Sir Richard Branson.  The ship exploded during a flight over California, killing one person and seriously injuring another.  Virgin has sold more than 700 tickets, each costing more than $250,000, for future slights and many celebrities already signed up for tickets.  The special plane is called SpaceShipTwo, and it was designed to carry six passengers.  Branson planned for years to sell trips in which SpaceShipTwo would transport passengers about 62 miles above Earth, the beginning of outer space, and let them experience a few minutes of weightlessness before returning to ground.  SpaceShipTwo was in the final stages of its test flight program, but Friday’s mission experienced “an-inflight anomaly,” said Virgin Galactic.  Commercial flights were supposed to begin in 2015, but the incident will have to push the date back.

Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuryia

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