Technology: Targeted Ads

You may have noticed that while using the Internet, certain advertisements on websites are catered specifically to you and your interests. In other words, ads have come up based on what you have previously searched. This method of advertising falls under the strategy of Behavioral Targeting, and it is a prime example of how technology is constantly advancing. Not only are ads able to pick up on your interests, but also, the ads are able to pick up on exactly what you searched even if it was seconds before on another website! Some people find this targeted advertising somewhat intrusive. They would rather not have other companies knowing what they searched and presenting ads based on those previous searches. Other people, on the other hand, think it is very convenient and a great advancement in regards to technology. Consumers who appreciate this kind of advertising think it’s great that they can see personalized advertisements that cater to them. And with one click of a mouse, they can be led to a product that they are most likely interested in buying.

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