Technology: SkyTran is the Cab of the Future

Ever wanted to fly to class? To look down below on your city and see people scurrying off to work? Now, that may be possible thanks to SkyTran. SkyTran consists of magnetically levitating “driverless pods, gliding above city streets using a network of elevated guideways.” Riders would be able to pre-book pods on their smart phone or computer and travel on an overhead grid system, so basically they are like flying Ubers. Due to their weight of only 300 lbs, these pods would use only 1/3 of the electricity that hybrid cars currently use.  In Tel Aviv, Israel Aerospace Industries will be the first to pilot SkyTran in a 400-meter demonstration system. Within three years, they hope to expand this area for public use to 20 kilometers of track within the city of Tel Aviv. SkyTran presents an alternate solution to current land scarcity by bringing transportation above ground. CEO Jerry Sanders estimates that SkyTran will cost $10 million per mile.

Contributor: Suriya Sharma


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