Technology: Robots Are on the Rise

No surprise here, robots are on the rise. Nicknamed RAY by its creators, a new robotic valet may soon change how we park our cars. The automated forklift truck is the brainchild of Germany’s Serva Transport and uses sensors to measure and photograph the car, it then physically lifts your three tons of road machinery and slots it into one of 249 parking spots reserved for the robot forklifts. The product is currently being piloted at Germany’s Dusseldorf airport. “Our product is especially appealing to business travelers, who arrive at the airport shortly before the flight, seek efficient parking, and return within a few days,” Thomas Schnalke, the airport’s managing director, said in a statement. The airport charges $40 per day or $5.50 an hour for the service.

Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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