Technology: Robot Valet

Technological innovation is truly an unstoppable force. Most recently, airport parking in Germany has been changed by technology. At the Düsseldorf airport, travelers can have their cars parked by a “valet robot” named Ray. The ParkingPLUS structure allows travelers to get out of their cars and use a touchscreen device to have it parked! After customers confirm that no one is in the car, Ray measures the vehicle, lifts it with a fork-lift, and positions it in one of the over 240 spots saved for the automated valet parking.As if that is not impressive enough, Ray is connected to the airport’s flight data system. It is capable of checking the database to see when customers will return and retrieving their car from the parking lot in time for their arrival. As of now, the rate for robot valet parking at Düsseldorf is 29 euros, or $39.59, per day. It is 4 euros, or $5.46, per hour. Düsseldorf  is a small airport and most frequented by business travelers who are already short on time, traveling from city to city, or country to country, quite often. Robot valet parking is an impressive technological advancement, and we can’t wait to see which airports it will come to next.


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