Technology: Electronic Keys

Most hotels give guests access to their rooms through electronic keycards. Guests can simply slide their keycards to enter their rooms, as opposed to using a traditional key and doorknob. Recently, electronic keycards have become more popular and useful for other places as well. For example, some college dormitory buildings have started giving their students electronic keycards to gain access rather than traditional keys. Certain keycard lock systems are even programmed to have the electronic keycard control other aspects of the room, such as the lights or air conditioning. In other words, the lights and air conditioning can only be turned on if the electronic keycard is inserted into the lock system. Systems like this also help to promote environmental sustainability, since they help to cut down on wasteful and unnecessary electricity usage. This is just one example of how advancements in technology influence daily life, even the most seemingly mundane and trivial activities. It is astonishing to think about how our society continues to advance everyday with respect to technology.

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