Technology: Cyber Safety

With tons of portable electronics now on the market, many people are beginning to worry about how to keep their information secure, Cyborg Unplug hopes to fix that. “Whether business office, restaurant, school or nightclub: it’s your territory and your rules, so make it harder for those that seek to abuse it,” Cyborg’s website reads. With a small, square device that easily plugs into your iPhone or computer, the Unplug works to detect drones, portable electronics like Google Glass, and surveillance cameras and disable them from streaming any data collected. The Unplug user can target a device and choose to shut it down (temporarily), thus making privacy more attainable.  Notably the device can also be used to kick devices off of any wireless network but the company warns that customers probably shouldn’t use it for that purpose — because that would most likely be illegal. “We take no responsibility for the trouble you get yourself into if you choose to deploy your Cyborg Unplug in this mode,” the company says on its website. The devices are available for $50 to $100.

Contributor: Phoebe Roe

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