Technology: Creating Oxygen on Mars

The last three NASA-created Mars rovers, Sprit, Opportunity, and Curiosity, all focused on finding traces of past life on Mars. They also confirmed the fact that Mars can support life. The next rover, however, will focus on ways to sustain future life on the Red Planet. The 2020 rover will help answer questions about the Martian environment that astronauts will experience before they get there. The rover will even help with experiments that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen for humans. Additionally, oxygen could be used on Mars for creating rocket fuel that would allow astronauts to refill their tanks. The Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment, or MOXIE for short, is just one of many new and improved features of the NASA rover. The rover will help make great strides toward giving humans the ability to live on Mars, allowing for greater exploration of the planet in the future. The rover will also collect soil samples to be sent back to Earth and analyzed. In addition, the rover has “super cameras” that will send back 3D panoramic images to NASA.

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