Technology: Charge Box

Since the rise of technology over the past decade, many public places around the world have installed charging stations for the several electronic devices that people carry on them. Phones, laptops, tablets and more can all be charged in public places when their power is running low. In fact, ChargeBox, is a company that has charging stations installed in countless locations across 17 countries, including Australia, Ireland, Nigeria and the United States. Once customers locate a ChargeBox, they plug in their device, and then lock it up in one of the six compartments. Devices can be charged for up to 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the ChargeBox. In many locations, using the ChargeBox is free. For other locations, there is a small fee that varies depending on the desired length of charge. From the customer standpoint, this is very useful since people rely so heavily on technological devices to get through their day. For the businesses that install ChargeBox stations, this is also a useful product. If customers enter a business to charge their devices, it is very likely that they will also buy a product from the business.


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