Technology: Changes at Apple

Wednesday night was very busy for Apple.  Along with releasing their new iOS8 software, Apple unveiled tons of new policies designed to give customers more privacy in an increasingly public world.  Among those policies, Apple said the company will no longer unlock iPhones for police, “Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8,” the company said.  These new privacy settings come at a time when many tech companies are under customer scrutiny, with many customers claiming that the companies make it too easy for the government to gain access to private materials.  “This is a great move,” Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist for the ACLU, told the Washington Post. “This seems to be the result of pressure, because of the Snowden revelations… There are going to be a lot of unhappy law enforcement officials.”

Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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