Technology: Cell Phone Chargers

Eesha Khare, a 19 year old from Saratoga, California, recently invented a way to improve cell phone technology with a device that can charge cell phones in less than a minute. It seems like everyone does it these days; cling to wall sockets and charge phones on the subway. As any great inventor, Khare saw the problem and found a way to solve it. The high school student has developed a super capacitor that has the potential to store a great amount of energy in a small space. The device is speedy, convenient, and portable. Since the device is portable people will be able to use the device as an alternative for carrying chargers and searching for outlets in public spaces.  “I can’t just sit here and complain. I have to do something about it,” Khare said at the Women in the World Conference. For her work in the field of energy storage, she credits a “just do it mentality.” Eesha Khare’s technology made her runner up at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair last year.

Contributor: Dominique Jolly

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