Technology: Amazon Fire Phone

Just when it seems as though smart phones can already do everything imaginable, Amazon has developed a new phone that is used as an innovative shopping tool. Amazon’s Fire Phone enhances a user’s shopping experience. It is competitively priced– $650 without a two-year phone contract and $200 with one. These prices are the same for the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5. In terms of appearance, it is pretty average compared to its competitors. It has a simple black rectangular design. The battery life is “okay,” and the screen size is bigger than that of the iPhone 5S, but a bit smaller than that of the Galaxy S5. What makes it different, however, is the fact that this phone has a program called Firefly. It allows users to use the phone’s camera to identify various objects and then gives users the option to buy those objects on Amazon. One critique of this is the fact that people can simply buy things online, and can already do so from their smart phones. So, many people may not see the need for the Amazon Fire, since it does not address a crucial issue. Others will buy it for the convenience Firefly offers.

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