Tech: Tesla Battery Packs Will Power Homes

Tesla Motors plans to produce battery packs that are strong enough to power houses within six months. “We are going to unveil the Tesla home battery that would be fit for use in people’s houses or businesses fairly soon,” said the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.  The announcement was made alongside the news that the automobile sales for the company have been lower than expected, with the latest figures falling short of sales forecast numbers. Tesla shipped only 9,834 of its revolutionary Model S vehicles last quarter, which fell short of the 11,200 that they had projected. While Tesla has not mentioned how expensive the home batteries would be, the battery and charging technology could ultimately wind up saving people money on their electric bills. Even though most of the homes today draw energy directly from the electricity grid, the spread of inexpensive solar panels along with this new battery means that it will be easier than ever for individuals to create and store their own energy supply.

Contributor: Johanna Hartman


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