Tech Talk 9/3

New school year. New tech. Let’s go.

G is for Google

Google GIn case you haven’t heard, Google has a new logo along with a revamped “identity family.” Why? Google wants to make their logo and identity consistent across multiple platforms and “is targeting a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices.” The new design will be integrated across all the company’s products shortly. This design re-branding shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering Google’s recent news regarding its new parent company Alphabet. Clearly, G is for Google.

Drones not MIA at this year’s MIA

Aerial tech has been making a debut at multiple music festivals this year due to the “changing musical landscape.” At Coachella this year, a drone captured spectacular views of the crowd at Kaskade’s performance. This Labor Day weekend, the Made in America music festival will be taking the same elevated approach with a drone capturing aerial shots of festival-goers on both days. Beyoncé will be headlining on September 5 and the Weeknd on September 6 with around 70,000 people attending each day’s show. And if drones weren’t enough, watch out for the MIA Snapchat story as well.

A Tech AllianceAlliance for Open Media
Some of the biggest names in tech, specifically Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix, announced this week that they are partnering to create a new open source video format. The Alliance for Open Mediawas created with the purpose of developing the “next generation of royalty-free video formats, codecs, and other related technologies.” The new format, which has yet to be named, will eventually make moving away from Adobe Flash easier for web giants and will be designed specifically for delivering streaming video over the web with the aim of making it suitable for low-powered devices.

For your inner hipster

Polaroid recently announced at IFA Berlin their Polaroid Snap, a digital camera that instantly prints out a photo without the use of ink. Interested? Check it out here for a mere $99.

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

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