Tech Talk 9/16

Summer might be coming to an end, but the world of tech never stops innovating. Here is a quick overview on the up-and-coming products and digital news this week.

A high tech… pencil?

Apple debuted their new stylus along with various other gadgets at their big press event on Wednesday. These products included the next generation of the Apple TV, an enhanced streaming boxApple Pencil that includes a new app store and multitouch remote. This device also comes with tvOS which delivers an insanely powerful Siri support. Furthermore, Apple unveiled the iPad Pro, a powerhouse tablet with a high-def 12.9” screen that allows split, “full-screen” multitasking and can be paired with the Apple pencil.

Brought to you by Amazon: Apple Butter Pork Chops

This past Tuesday, Amazon announced its partnership with a couple of Seattle restaurants to serve up orders in an hour or less under its Prime Now speedy delivery program. Currently the offering provides delivery services for free and is the first service from the company’s new Amazon Restaurants group. The effort will start out small, but the company said it will expand out “in the coming days.”

Found Them First

SpotifySpotify’s goal of helping users discover fresh music can be seen through their new app Found Them First. This app dives into your listening history to reveal which new artists you helped “discover.” It shows you tracks from breakout artists where you were in the first 1-15 percent of listeners. “This experience is an ode to the fans who truly love discovering new artists,” said Jackie Jantos, Spotify’s VP of creative and brand strategy. “Users are rewarded for listening early on, and earn some bragging rights.” Go ahead and try it out to give your inner hipster an ego boost.

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Contributor: Ricky Rajani


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