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A Greek Tragedy

This week, Greece was cut off by its international parents, and since it couldn’t pay back its debts, it defaulted on a Greece Cottagemajor loan. Confused? Solution? Set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise 1.6 billion
dollars. Whose brilliant idea was this? A British man who is offering to send a postcard or some Greek wine for your donation. So far this campaign has earned over 1.5 million euros. Stay tuned to see if he ends raising that 1.6 billion in the next four days…

Leap year? Scratch that. Leap second.

leap secondOn June 30, we experienced an extra second at 8 p.m ET in order to sync up our watches with the Earth’s slowing rotation. This 61-second minute might seem like no big deal, but little do you know that several engineers were preparing for this extra second in order prevent computer systems from throwing a hissy fit. The leap second had the potential to disrupt global trading and screw up complex trades that take place in a split second. Still confused? Same. Luckily computer systems came out unscathed.

Have you visited the most exclusive website on the Internet yet?

The Internet is known for welcoming anyone and everyone who owns a computer and Wi-Fi, but this one man is on a quest to do just the opposite. was created by Foley, and it allows only one person to visit wwwat a time. You access the site by requesting a “ticket” for your 60-second window and then waiting in line. Curious as to what you are exposed to in that glorious minute? Join the other 45,000 people in line.

Uber might be hitting a rough patch in France

BUT they are still going strong with their new ridesharing service that takes you across continents. They recently launched UberBoat in Istanbul that shuttles you between Asia and Europe in a speed boat.

iTunes… more like iBug.?

Apple just launched Apple Music and with it an iTunes update release. But wait before you go update your phone; it might have a few bugs that are wrecking music libraries by scrambling artists, albums and tracks. iFun.

In other news, you can finally check off “own a jetpack” on your bucket list by 2017.

Contributor: Ricky Rajani


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