Tech Talk 11/6

The International Tech Capital [of the week]

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

Since Tuesday, Web Summit 2014 has been the “international tech capital.” “Everywhere you go it is buzzing and electric,” claims Bloomberg. Bringing in over 20,000 people, including startups, entrepreneurs and investors from over 90 countries, Web Summit is an annual tech conference held in Dublin, Ireland that attracts the biggest names in technology. These names include Bono, Peter Thiel, Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, and Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox. The Wall Street Journal describesthe summit as where “the giants of the web assemble in Dublin.”


Here is a quick update on the occurrences of Web Summit 2014:

One of the biggest announcements on Tuesday was that the launch of a consumer-version of the Oculus VR headset is “close.”

Check’n has been voted the hardest working startup of Web Summit 2014. This startup provides event venues with Y, a device that encourages attendees to tap their phones onto Y to make an interaction. This leads the user to the businesses’ desired feature.

One of the largest music gatherings in Ireland, Night Summit, is a three night festival that occurs during Web Summit. It includes food, networking, and over 50 acts spread across 2 venues.

Love & Robots, an Irish startup, won the ESB Spark of Genius competition this year. They are a 3-D printing company that specializes in custom printing using “unusual” materials like silver and gold.

Actress and model Lily Cole talks about her for-profit social business called This online community is essentially a gift-giving platform where users can exchange skills, objects, and just about anything else. Eventually she wants to expand the site to where users can exchange paid-for products that have inspirational backgrounds and innovative supply chains. Cole states that, “there are a huge number of really fascinating companies [she’d] like to champion and support through this nonmonetary gifting platform.”


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