Tech Talk 10/9

This week in tech has been lively, as usual. Here is a quick update on the up-and-coming trends in technology to keep you up to speed on industry news.

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

The Big Break Up:

This past Monday, the pioneer of startup-turned-big-tech-giant, Hewlett Packard, split up. The split was between the hardware and enterprise software sectors of the company. This isn’t the first time a large company has felt the need to break up into smaller components. CB Insights, a tech financing research firm, explains the reasoning behind big-tech breakups, “Instead of a single HP HQmonolithic competitor or a handful of monolothic competitors, their products, markets and customers are being attacked by tens or even hundreds of emerging companies.” Essentially, it is more beneficial for companies to master one thing really well rather than trying to get their hands in every sector of technology.

The Dish on Digital Currency:

Challenging the traditional concept of stock markets, Patrick Byrne, the founder of, is attempting to create a bitcoin-like stock market. By building “cryptosecurity” software, any company would have the ability to issue financial securities over the internet. The project, code-named “Medici,” aims to “democratize Wall Street” by creating a stock system that operates outside the control of large banks and will eventually allow startups to easily IPO to raise money faster.

3D Mobile Devices: 

Imagine being able to control your phone through touchless gestures. San Francisco-based Elliptic Labs is making this idea a ellipticlabsreality along with several other features through their launch of low-powered, ultrasound-based gesturing that includes “multi-layer interaction” on mobile devices. Their goal is to make using mobile devices a three-dimensional experience rather than the usual two-dimensional touchscreen.

Project Spark:

Now anyone can participate in building video games with Microsoft’s Project Spark. It allows users to participate in the creative process of game design without having to worry about the actual programming. Project Spark just ended its beta period and is now available for Xbox One and PC.


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